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Enerco Energy Attended Turkey Energy Summit


Enerco Energy joined “Turkey Energy Summit which was held by IEI ( International Energy Investments) on 5-6 June, 2014 in İstanbul. The summit targeted an in-depth analysis of Turkish energy market, with a special focus on current investment opportunities and the potential for financing these investments.


The summit, which was organized at Titanic Business Europe Hotel, brought together an expert panel of professional local and international speakers from leading government and private companies, to offer their diverse views, visions and advices.


Dr. Ulvi F Ilhan, CEO of Enerco Enerji which is a joint venture company of Akfel Holding, made a presentation with the title “A brief Introduction to Turkish Gas Market”, as an invited speaker. In his speech, Dr. Ilhan made a brief summary about the development of Turkish natural gas market, specially focusing on major milestones. Dr. Ilhan also discussed the current problems the market is facing and shared his views on the potential investment opportunities.


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