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Enerco Energy sells natural gas to wholesale companies, eligible customers and distribution companies in Turkish Natural Gas Market.


Enerco Energy, with its annual 2.5 bcm of Import Contract and supply capabilities from other shippers, LNG and Underground Storage, provides security of supply and the advantages of flexible supply  solutions to its customers.


Having the largest supply volume, Enerco Energy provides quality oriented services aware of the responsibilities towards  its customers, environment and employees.


Customer satisfaction and continuity of the quality being the fundamental factor of consistent and ever growing success performance and customer satisfaction.


Enerco Energy provides a wide range of commercial and operational alternatives by sharing its knowledge with its customers through its expert staff having knowledge of the legislation and provides gas purchase conditions most suitable for each customer’s gas consumption profile.


Other services provided along with gas sales are;

G-A.S Aktive is a web-based interactive natural gas management system used for the first time in Turkey. With this system, Enerco Energy’s customers are able to access all details related to their natural gas contracts, invoices, all announcements in relation with the system. Our customers will be able to follow up natural gas consumption levels real timely by installing necessary equipment at their measurement stations and to notify efficiently daily natural gas transmission quantities they plan to consume over G-A.S Aktive by using weather forecast services provided by G-A.S Aktive and to observe deviation of actual consumption levels from their estimated consumption.


The application G-A.S Aktive will facilitate also follow up of developing natural gas market by transmitting current sector news from various channels.

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