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Enerco Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was incorporated in 16.04.2004 for purposes of importing and selling natural gas on wholesale basis in the Turkish Energy Market.


Pursuant to the Temporary Article 2 of the Natural Gas Market Law (Law no. 4646), Enerco Enerji took over the purchase and sales contract of 2,5 billion m3 (approximately 26,6 billion kWh) of natural gas as a result of the “Contract Release Tender” to private companies which was held in November 2005 in order to transfer 4 billion m3 of natural gas from the Natural Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement entered into on 18.02.1998 by and between BOTAŞ and Gazprom Export.


Enerco Enerji signed the natural gas sale and purchase agreement with Gazprom Export LLC in September 2007. After the acquisition of the import license in pursuance of the Decision, dated 31.12.2008 of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), and upon the completion of the assignment transactions on 17.03.2009, Enerco Enerji was entitled to carry on the import and sales of annually 2,5 billion m3 (Approximately 26,6 billion kWh) of natural gas until 2022.


Enerco Enerji began to import natural gas to Turkey on 01.04.2009 and has become the second largest natural gas supplier in the market after BOTAŞ, which is today still the largest one among the private companies. In addition to import by pipeline, Enerco Enerji gained the right to import natural gas in LNG form by acquiring the LNG Import License through the EPDK decision in February 2010.


At present, Enerco Enerji is maintaining its presence in the Turkish Energy Market with a sales portfolio of 2,65 billion m3 per year.

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